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Campaign error :(


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Good eve here in Philippines. OK, so I'll start with my second custom campaign having weird triggers firing. This is about my Soviet Mission "A New Beginning" and here I am asking for all your help. I just want somebody to fix the error sometimes or should I say most of the time appears upon starting the campaign. OK a short info about this A New Beginning. People out there might think this is the same as the ones in TS, the Nod final mission. I admit most of the scenarios are identical because I got inspired by the original ones so I have to make one, the RA version. You'll see some differences out soon. This map is still a Work in Progress to consider but will be finished soon. Anyway much of the introduction so here's my A New Beginning campaign with the mission.ini and tutorial.ini files included so yeah, help me fix the problem I'm encountering. I'll be working on it too in case! :D


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Arigatou Gozaimasu~ XD


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