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Tiberian Sun menu



Hey guys,


Just installed Tiberian Sun on Windows 7 and everything is fine, except when I open the sub menu's on the main menu of Tiberian sun and firestorm (sub menu's such as campaigns or options)



....all I get is a bar or a little portion of it. I can't see the options. Moreover when I tab out and tab back in the menu appears. I can click buttons on it, but the options don't highlight when I cursor over them and the difficultly bar doesn't appear to move.


Got any ideas? I can post an image if you want.

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I've so far turned up the performance and power thing, that had no effect, the invisible lines cutting through the menus are still there. I tried the graphics patcher, but that simple prevented the menu from appearing, the game literally froze, so I disable the patch. I'm wondering what else to try, tried to printscreen, show you the issue...but it isn't coming up, the lines are no there on the print screen.

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