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  1. My fault, I didn't put CnCnet in the Tiberian Sun folder and run as admin, sorted. However I get internal errors recently, once or twice.
  2. NodAssaultTrooper


    Hello, I've tried to run cnc.net and all I keep getting is connecting to CnCnet in 1. 2. 3 The CnCnet server seems to be down, please try again later.
  3. Yes! I managed to sort it by updating my hd graphics driver! works fine!
  4. I've so far turned up the performance and power thing, that had no effect, the invisible lines cutting through the menus are still there. I tried the graphics patcher, but that simple prevented the menu from appearing, the game literally froze, so I disable the patch. I'm wondering what else to try, tried to printscreen, show you the issue...but it isn't coming up, the lines are no there on the print screen.
  5. I set the display to 600 on the game through tabbing in and out and now I can kind of see menus, however they have loads of horizontal lines going through them and the bottom and top are pretty much chopped off, I've tried to print scene, but that is not actually showing it how I see it.
  6. Hey guys, Just installed Tiberian Sun on Windows 7 and everything is fine, except when I open the sub menu's on the main menu of Tiberian sun and firestorm (sub menu's such as campaigns or options) ....all I get is a bar or a little portion of it. I can't see the options. Moreover when I tab out and tab back in the menu appears. I can click buttons on it, but the options don't highlight when I cursor over them and the difficultly bar doesn't appear to move. Got any ideas? I can post an image if you want.
  7. And who wins by bunkering up and preying to god they have enough power and tesla coils to hold off the onslaught? Huh? “that the side which remains behind its fortified line is always defeated†- Napoleon.
  8. If you ever want to play Tiberian Sun I will play! I love the game!
  9. Is this project still on-going...because I've been looking through 4-5 topics on this section and all I can say is that things look pretty awesome!
  10. I personally like Tiberian Sun the best...I don't know why...just like the size of the maps, stealth and subterranean attacks. You have to be well sneaky with Nod and GDI you have to defend and have a large army.
  11. From what I have played so far I find Red Alert 1 a simple issue of who has the most tanks or who can get their tanks in the others base first...is that right? Because to me building tanks and tanks and tanks is incredible boring. Though is that really all RA1 has to offer? I really don't know...anyone here tell me?
  12. "Disclaimer: The defeated AI was technically also Nod" No, the AI was a traitor, one of Hassan's "elite" guards. :laugh:
  13. When playing Nod and combating grenadier with medium and heavy tanks what can be done?? I don't see how the Nod player defend against such monsters. There are rockets soldiers/light tanks and chem warriors...but getting run over really makes the counter hard to use. I also find that apaches are only any good vs light and medium tanks. Also, would anyone here recommend artillery, I use it to defend my base, but is it worth it...very slow and vulnerable to orcas.
  14. Very glad to be here. A Great community! for Great games!
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