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Introducing a New Mode to Tiberian Dawn! [SW]


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Hi there people and welcome to my thread about a new multiplayer mode I called [sW]...

I created this mode based on another oldschool game called [glow=red,2,300]State Of War[/glow]!





As you can see, it's an RTS game but with a unique style of play (Which I liked so much).

There is some buildings and defenses and also units!

The fun fact is that the buildings can't get destroyed (eliminated from the map), you can attack them till they get exploding but it will change the owners side to the player who attacked it so they won't "disappear" from the map!

The defences can be bought using the gold that is refinered from the Gold Mines, but aren't invincible as they can get destroyed. They only cost money...

You might think that they may need power (if you never saw the game or never played it) but those windtraps above only bost the speed at the production of units!

And there is many other features that I won't reveal here... (If you want to play  them, try the demo, if you liked buy it! I recommend it and also it has a multiplayer mode. :P )


Those many features led me to create a unique style of gameplay at Tiberian Dawn and with this, I created new maps that has those types of features... Also tried wit Red Alert but "IT'S REALLY ANNOYING"! :b





[glow=red,2,300]Settings to Play[/glow]

  • Warning: I strongly recommend not to play with a yellow color because the Neutral buildings are yellowed! (It would make a great mess!)
  • Faction: Can be both, the only thing that may interfear is that if the map has a helipad the produced unit will depend on the faction. (GDI=Orca and NOD=Apache)
  • Game Mode: Bases OFF
  • Starting Credits: Any amount!
  • Tech LVL: Maximum (7)
  • Units: 1
  • AI players: No (Of course not XD)
  • Crates: Optional (I don't recommend since it can make the match very unbalanced!)

[glow=red,2,300]Mode Restrictions/Issues[/glow]

  • The vehicles that can only be built are the GDI ones due to the "money trigger" (discovered by LKO) only work without a airstrip...
  • No superweapons, since the buildings (Temple of Nod and Adv. Com. Center) are uncapturable even with Nyerguds new options as they only work in SP maps...
  • You can sell the buildings and they will get rebuilded by the AI but if you sell your defenses, you wont be able to rebuild them...
  • Air Strike can't be used with triggers, if you do that, launching the Air Strike causes an INSTANT OOS...
  • Neutral Helipads won't give any build option...
  • Owned Helipads that produce air units can only have "1 life"...
  • Capturing the "Hidden" Construction Yard won't give any build options and it will stop the rebuild of other...
  • There may be others restrictions...


[glow=red,2,300]Tutorial (Best part)  XD[/glow]


To start:

  • Build the map template. Make a large inaccessible are to place a NEUTRAL CONSTRUCTION YARD (I recommend making it symmetric to remove any disavantage!)
  • I strongly recommend making a East Vs West map. (Again to prevent any disavantage!)
  • Place the Buildings!!!
  • Buildings available: War Factory, (ADV.)Power Plant, Barracks and/or Hand of Nod, Com. Center, Repair Bay and Helipad!
  • Change the owner of the Buildings to NEUTRAL and make them REPLACE. (It only can be this WAY!)
  • Now place a Neutral Construction Yard and ADV. Power Plants in the inaccessible area...
  • Place 2 waypoints (0 and 1) in the middle of the map...
  • Now add engineers to the map where the starter base is located so can capture buildings that can get rebuildable. (Set ,on one side of the map, the owner of the engineers to MULTI1 and the other side of the map, make it MULTI2!)
  • Place the Defensive Structures (Make the owner as it says to the engineers!)(Also make sure there is enough power plants to support them!)
  • Now let's go to the triggers and teamtypes:
  • Make 3 triggers (equal) to all sides (multi1, multi2 and NEUTRAL); Name: Choose a name (Must have 4 or less characters!); Cause: time; Event: Reinforcement; Count: This depends the interval on money you want to give to the players; Side: One to Multi1, another trigger to Multi2 and the last one to NEUTRAL; Teamtype: Choose a teamtype you created(See Bellow); Loop: 1 or 2!
  • Create a teamtype for the 3 houses; Choose the owners (One owner for each teamtype); For Multi1 and 2, the units should be: 1 ANTHONOV and another Unit (That unit cost will be the income every time!); For NEUTRAL: ANTHONOV and a HIGH cost unit(MCV)!
  • Now give the teamtypes to each to their respective triggers...
  • Make a production trigger for the NEUTRAL side!
  • Optional Things!
  • You can make a only infantry battle!
  • The amount of money that each player recieves can be customized by you!
  • You can add reinforcement triggers!
  • And you can use your creativity!


Sorry for the desorganization...


[glow=red,2,300]Maps made by me![/glow]


Any map made by me, will be added to this GIGA Map Pack


[sW] Angels and Demons





This thread may change some contents...

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I tried it, it's very cool and a diferent style of gameplay! It's kind of weird not being in control of your resources, but I liked the uncertainty of that. What I was wondering was if reinforcement triggers would work; i.e. if you kill 50 of my units I get reinforced a mobile artillery? Guess it's time to dust off my trigger skills and find out!  XD

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Yeah that is always a challenge!!! It would make pretty fun matchs. (still i can't beat you...)  XD

Its still a pity that i cant make the Ion cannon and nuke available... But from what Nyerguds told me, he will make some of his options available, so very soon, we will have the ion cannon and nuclear! Hope it come faster!


Anyways I finally had discovered on RA a way to do this type of game without many limitations, and also with better perfomance ingame!!! :D (Ty especially to FunkyFr3sh, Djohe and iran)

By the way, I hope that people learn about this mode and hope them to play it! :D

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Great!! i want to play this new mode! 


its fun to se this game can be modify by the players and create new mods. 


Im starting to use the map editors, and this is a great inspire. You know if its possible to make maps like Tower defense too?


Congrats for the creativity and making a new game mod :D

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