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The Red Alert mod for RA3 - anyone up for some games?


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anyone up for trying some games on this RA3 mod with me?




+ i made a patch for it which refines it helluva lot




some reasons to check it out:

- RA1-ish gameplay with a modern RTS UI

- a combat/counter system that actually works and isnt just about spamming tanks... ie more viable strategies!

- fast paced action reminiscent of the original


and yeah, yeah, noone likes RA3 etc etc... i dont either - but this isnt anything like RA3

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sure, anytime you want



my comment about RA3 was aimed at folks who refuse to try anything to do with RA3 because they just... dislike it - this is just my experience on other boards... maybe its a bit different here  :P

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I do not have The Ultimate Collection, luckily.


No, my problem is different. For some reason, the game refuses to run cutscenes and crashes every time I want to start a new campaign. Skirmishes and multiplayer run fine. Guess mod support also tends to crash my damaged install...

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