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Red Dawn Mod Map-Black Forest (updated and fixed)


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hehe sorry guys uhh i mess the previous Black forest map but this one is all new one already been updated and ready to be downloaded again



Though the events aftermath of the great world war between allied and the soviets, Einstein return to his secret lab at Black Forest Germany where he trying to perfect the chronoshpere to ensure theres no more flaws on the machine, however after The Tiberium come to earth and Nod Rise to power when Soviet Collapse, Einstein Passed away in old age he didnt even got time to perfect the chronosphere during his life, as the former Allied General and Old veteren General Starvos decide to protect Einstein Laboratory and His Chronosphere to ensure his Technology Never Fall into wrong hand



well like i said before im still new at this map making soo my objective is to make a hardcore mape soo some people can play it

just copy paste the map into your Red Dawn files


Hint 1: be ware of Defense turrent and Guard Tower Guarding the Tiberium Feilds in open large areas, you need some tanks to destroy those defense soo your haverster can proceede

Hint 2: theres satelite center at Einstein Facility and also a chronosphere but the base is Heavyly Defended you gotta use Brute Force


Bonus: Theres New unit for you to used, they called A stormtrooper, pack a punch and stronger too


BTW: This map supports 3 players only


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