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  1. oh i recently updated my new DTA and suprisly i can play soviet adn allied again classic but problem is that instead allied contard in the begining of the game its TD conyard instead. when constructing a building i see a TD power plant but cant click it or build it since when i deploy my con yard it become RA conyard structure. Theres also Chrono Tank icon which i cant train or build too
  2. i got problems i cant get connect to cncnet i dunno why but i dont have a firewall blocking it i just dunno why?
  3. okay now thats problem solved but how to make an AI target to attack the player or player allies and neutral civilian buildings on the targeted location?
  4. also im having problems setting up triggers i wanted the made up misson where enemy AI make a vehicle and units and then try to atttack my position also i did manage to make a reinforcements however still i having problems setting an AI do make units or construct their units and even train their units in builds i have list of misson im planning to make -GDI special misson: Terminator Project(wip) -GDI special misson: clones down under(comming soon) -GDI special misson: Attack of the clones(comming soon) -GDI special misson: Secure The Bunker (comming soon) -GDI special misson: Centax Facility Dillema(comming soon) -GDI special Misson: What lies ahead (comming soon) -GDI special misson: Centax clones (comming soon) -GDI special misson: The resurrgence (comming soon) -GDI special Misson: Fall of The scorpions (comming soon) -GDI special Misson: Order 66 (comming soon) -GDI special misson: New World order (comming Soon) ~and more to come
  5. question can made up misson still can be made? i wanna try making my own misson
  6. soo far i see it looks very promising hell i cant wait to see it soon and play it keep up the good work
  7. fullRA? i think i remember downloading it years ago yeah it have bugs however thanks to Iran patch i wont worrying anymore about submarined unable to dive underwater and also the ant misson works fine
  8. belived me Old RTS are began to fading away slowly,RA,TD,TS were pretty much still alive thanks to people who wanted to keep the classic game alive much. OpenRA is something new, a fresh game, playing classic game with some changes on it
  9. what this map for tiberian sun or red alert?
  10. okay it works now how to make enemy faction build tanks and infantry and build stucture? oh my cutom misson called Traitor Among Us for GDI
  11. okay sooo any solution on how to open it if raed cant open it
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