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hey ppl i resently installed cncnet 5 in order to play my mod online with a friend just to find out that cncnet replaced my .ini files with the originals, i came here to ask if there is a way to retrieve my files if not i gess i am screwed :(, why does cncnet places ini files on the game´s directory anyway? if you have the game you allready have those conpresed on the mix, right?

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Your talking about Tib Sun. I have no idea how Tib Sun is doing things. I stick mostly to RA1. I do know that The Dawn of the Tiberium Age a Tib Sun mod is using CnC Net 5 so there is away to stop CnC Net 5 from replacing your edited rules.ini and firestrm.ini


The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is hosted over at Project Perfect Mod so maybe the can help you.


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