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can you made RA map into desert map?


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I put a How to in Red Dawn's How To Folder.


From Red Dawn's How To Folder Making Desert and Winter Maps.txt


For the most part making Desert and Winter Maps are easy. Build the map as normal using Temperate (grass) and save. Now exit the map editor and find the map in the RedDawn 2013 folder. You will need to open the map in any text editor like notepad or wordpad. If you never opened a .mrp file on Windows you will get an option. Click on the Select the program for a list and than OK.


Now a new window will pop up. Go down the list do notepad or wordpad. NOTE: The Always use the selceted program to open this kind of file can be left check marked. If you leave it check marked you won't have to go back and do all of this again. The next time you double click on a .mrp file it will open with the program you selcted from the list. You can uncheck and continue as well but you will have to repeat this evey time to open a .mrp file.


Once you have found notepad or wordpad click OK. Now the map will open in notepad/wordpad. You want to find the [Map] part of the file, specifically Theater=TEMPERATE and change the Theater=TEMPERATE to Theater=WINTER for a Winter map or Theater=DESERT for a Desert map.


Now look for the [Digest] part of the map. It is found at the end of the map if you made the map in EdWin. If the map was made in RAED no [Digest] should be found but look to be sure. The [Digest] looks like this.






Delete the [Digest] and line below it. Save the map by going to File than Save. Once saved close and try the map out in game. If you need to edit the map. For you to edit the map with EdWin you need to change the Theater= back to Theater=TEMPERATE or Theater=SNOW. RAED will change the Theater= back to Theater=TEMPERATE by it self and you will have to change it to back WINTER or DESERT your self.


RAED and Desert Buildings.


You can add Desert Buildings to Desert maps with RAED. Make sure the map is not a Snow or Interior. (Again RAED will change Winter and Desert back to Temperate by it self) In the Structures part of RAED pass to Oil Pump will be the Desert Buildings. You can place the as normal and once done save. Open the map with notepad/wordpad and change the Theater= back to Theater=DESERT and check for a [Digest] than save.


Also some place Iran has made a version or RAED that will let you make Desert and Winter maps. http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/17389-raed-standalone/ the github.com link looks like the only one that still works.

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