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New Arena Maps 12.2014


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Hi everyone,


Like many other classic Ra players, I like the arena type of maps.  When I say classic Ra, I mean normal maps, excluding infinite mineral maps or base building maps. For me it’s all about the tanks.


1. The most popular is Arena Valley Extreme.

The version I’ve uploaded is more balanced in terms of money and starting locations. It is not 100% balanced, most of the Red Alert classic maps are not even 90% balanced.


2. Super Battle Arena is a mega map for almost 100% balanced. I had played the map with other players and the general feedback is OK.


3. Battle Royale is a mega mod map. In this map all the factions are equal, or better say, there are no more factions. You get access to all the units and structures.

The ore is tweaked also. There are some changes in costs, power to make it harder to base build mass teslas.


4. Ra3 Arena is a small map, for quick games. It has tweaked ore, but it doesn’t regenerate quickly enough, so you have to control the area or expand.

For experienced gamers that love fast paced games, this map is a good choice.



Link to preview  http://s48.photobucket.com/user/adytgvro/library/Red%20Alert%2095


Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B78DJMcW_eYJLWFIVVh3Nm9LSjQ/view?usp=sharing







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