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Good *.INI Edits?


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I'm replaying the Command & Conquer series (from Tiberian Dawn to Yuri's Revenge).


After playing Red Alert many times, I decided to mess around with the RULES.INI file so that I could make the game more interesting.


I was new at the time. So, some of my edits weren't very creative or original.


A few things I remembered doing was giving the tanks longer and faster range of fire. This turned out to be fun as I could destroy anything immediately without much effort. This proved to be a disadvantage during one particular mission where I had to capture specific buildings instead of destroying them. After coming out of the weapons factory, those tanks would destroy these buildings and the mission would fail. That's when I reverted to the default RULES.INI for that mission.


Another time, I made Albert Einstein trainable and weaponized him with tesla coil technology.



This time, I want to make the game more interesting when I play it and wonder if any of you had any fun and creative suggestions on what I should modify?


Make the suggestions balanced (both Allies and Soviets) or biased (focus on Allies or Soviets)?

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