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Error: Unable to set the video mode for Win 8.1


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Hey all, 


Whenever I try to create a Yuri's Revenge game it begins to start up then comes up with an error message saying "Error: Unable to set the video mode". I found a forum that had the same problem for Red Alert 1, but the solution didn't seem to work.


I've tried changing the resolution in the ra2.ini file to my current resolution, although that didn't work.

I've checked to ensure that the line in the Settings.ini is "Video.Windowed=false" which it is.


I'm not sure what else it would be, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




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The Win 7 compatibility didn't work, but setting it to win 98/me seemed to work.

I'm not actually sure what I did to fix this problem, considering they were previously already set to win 98/me before I changed them.. But it works now.

Now to just sort this lag problem.


Thanks anyway MajorK :)

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bro this is easy to fix. you must first set your desktop resolution to 640 by 800 then launch the game, choose your resolution in game then close. you can now set your desktop res back. occasionally you may need to change your desktop res down when you get the error message.

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i do remember having a lagging problem. that is now fixed but im not sure how i did it. have you tried setting your desktop icon size to 100%. i know that the game runs perfectly on win7 ultimate. most of the problems with this game are due to windows 7 settings.


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