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Teamtype units freeze instead of following their designated path?


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Red Alert...


Hi, So I have a bunch of teamtypes who are patrolling areas of my scenario. But sometimes they will all freeze and stop following their orders. Sometimes they will be moving around following their orders, but as soon as I kill one of them the rest will all freeze.


I assume that there is some type of buffer I am overloading but I cant figure out what.


I'm well under all the heap maximums in the rules.ini


Any Ideas?

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I have seen this. Not with attacking a patrol but when I attack a building. It cause the AI to send all units that are in guard mode and patrolling units it has to defene the building. I don't know why as I have put teamtypes priority above the SuspendPriority listting found in the rules.


From rules.ini/spawn.dpx

SuspendPriority=20      ; teams with less than this priority will suspend during base defense ops


Also it seem that something about RAED caps the max Order list to 5 or 6 for any teamtype that will be patrolling.

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