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  1. Map database (over 30000 maps)

    awesome! thank you so much
  2. FF Tower Defense 1 to 8 Players

    i did, the link was in my last post. thanks to funky for retrieving all my maps from the database after i lost them btw
  3. FF Tower Defense 1 to 8 Players

    http://mapdb.cncnet.org/ra/c6a078f9bccc675807c66a3e95725fd11e98f549.zip There you go
  4. FF Tower Defense 1 to 8 Players

    My homemade Tower Defense map. (OFFICIAL VERSION) 10 Waves of increasing difficulty. 1 to 8 players. Amount of players will determine the amount of enemies (up to 6 players, then enemies are capped, so 7 or 8 players is easiest) Text/Visual guides for what towers are best for the current wave. And Much More!!!! . . . Also stay tuned for my EPIC Tower Defense map "STAR DEFENSE" Where you will defend against 20+ waves of ALIENS in a unique, creative, and dynamic setting!!! ff tower defense official.mpr
  5. Zombies Defense + Co-Op Missions

    All made by me a couple years ago, have fun! It is kind of a campaign if you want, in the following order to be played... Defense -> Evacuation -> Retaliation Defense has maps for 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 6 players, and 8 players. Survive Time Limit to win. Evacuation and Retaliation are both maps for 1-4 players with objectives that must be completed to win. (also i added my ant defense maps cuz why not) zombies retaliation.mpr zombies evacuation.mpr zombies defense 4 player.mpr zombies defense 2 player.mpr zombies defense 8 player.mpr zombies defense 6 player.mpr zombies defense 3 player.mpr Ants vs Zombies.mpr aerial ant defense.mpr
  6. How to remove repeated maps from game?

    sigh, okay i guess its my fault for adding things like FINAL to my maps when they were not final XD
  7. hi, i make many maps, and am always updating/fixing them (as is necessary with maps that are heavy on the triggers/teamtypes/AI) but the problem is not for me, it is for other people, they go to search "FF Tower Defense" and they find like 30 different versions (because sometimes i need to make 1 tiny, quick change by accident), the game should only remember the original version (ZTime.MPR), instead of creating a new random hash (92a34r90jwf90qdgsaj49g0j90.MPR) every time i update my map. When I update my map ZTime.MPR, and play it with someone, it should overwrite THEIR ZTime.MPR instead of creating 50 new 239gfm389fnnd783n2mfjf9.MPR. Sure i could add new version numbers everytime i update, but it gets tedious, and the result is everyone STILL has 40 different versions to sort through.
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  10. Can Migs or Yaks be set to follow a route through the map without glitching the fuck out and getting stuck at the first designated cell or waypoint? i tried spy on bldg at waypoint, move to cell, move to waypoint, attack waypoint, surely there is a way? I have a feeling there isn't Thanks for your help, though i feel like it may be impossible.
  11. good work on maps GDI, sure they look a little messy, but they play well for the most part
  12. Reading Crash.dmp files?

    Ok so I tried it all again copy pasting my map into a new .MPR file and now it works again, not sure what the problem ever was but at least its fixed now.
  13. Reading Crash.dmp files?

    Thanks for the reply. Well I removed all triggers from my map and still get a crash. Also I cannot startup RAED unless i move the map into a different folder, then i have to copy and paste it from notepad into RAED just to edit it. Attached the new dump file Is there a way i can read the dump files myself for next time? ra95crash.dmp
  14. Reading Crash.dmp files?

    Hi, I have been having a hell of a time trying to pinpoint the problem with a map I am currently making. My last hope before abandoning it is to read the crash.dmp file from when I try to play it. It says something about contacting Iran, I don't know where he is or how to find him, but here is my crash.dmp file anyways. Anyone know how to read these things or know where I can find Iran? thanks ra95crash.dmp