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RA1 - KotG remade for Red Alert 2

Ford (retired)

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The fast paced action of KotG (Keep off the Grass) from Red Alert 1 is remade for RA2 YR. I will upload the file soon once I iron out some kinks but for now, you can take a look at the gameplay video of my friend playing the map in a link that I posted below.




- Basic strategy, build towards the Entrances so your Refinery is as close to the gems as possible. Break open the wall by attacking the Barrels

- Capture the Oil Derrick, and hold your ground. You can place some defenses in the middle and control that Area of the map.

- Apply constant pressure with your Infantry in this close quarters map.

- You have two directions to build your base, and you may find you built your bases towards each other.






PS. Feel free to watch my other RA1 and RA2 videos.

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