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  1. yeah same here. even if your already at the lobby and been there for a while, new update notification pops out even where there is none. its annoying
  2. yahoo

    new client update crash

    just updated today and when i joined it crashed.
  3. We cant also see our own name. also to mention, we can talk and see messages. Tried to quit the room and rejoin but still same.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Nope its not pass protected.
  5. just happened starting a few days ago. When i join some games (survival), i cant seem to see my name or other players name. My client is updated though, can this be the hosts clients problem?
  6. yahoo

    Not loading

    IDK if its just me but I noticed that the latest CNC client update makes some players to not load. Previously, the issue was gone and now its back
  7. yahoo


    had problems with the bad user thing and then there was this new update notification that poped out. After I updated I could no longer connect
  8. yahoo

    what is this?

    Hi Grant. Got it working now. Thanks so much man. Loved the sleek new gui.Great work on all of you guys. Just one question, how do i change the font size in the chat (the one where you join a game and talk in there since its kinda big. Again thas so much and keep up the great work.
  9. yahoo

    what is this?

    ok. Ive been playing before with no probs. I stopped bout 3 months ago and just last night i came back. Found out that my old cnc client no longer updates so I downloaded the cnc client from the cnc site. Tried firing the new game and notice its garbled and some buttons or options cant be seen coz of some pink block covering it. BTW how do i close or exit the client? running amd laptop with ati chipset win 7 64 bit. Again before, i dont have any problems using the old client 3 months ago. Also havent tried doing a game or the lobby. need to find solution to this pink block as seen from my attachment.
  10. Please upload all yer maps. If possible pls label if they are 1v1,2v2 etc. appreciate it. Thanks
  11. yahoo

    3000+ YR Maps

    I havent installed it yet but my cncnet client sometimes takes 5 minutes to open up. But sometimes also it takes 5 seconds. Wonder why
  12. yahoo

    3000+ YR Maps

    Hey Antares. We had played all of yer Antares Missions. They are so Awesome. Hope you will make more antares missions since we really love to play more. thanks
  13. Hi guys Ive been getting this alot lately. For the past 1 week I cannot access the cnc forum. Some cloud Flare error. I have to use a proxy (kproxy) to access it but sometimes even using proxies wont work.
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