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Who thinks they should add some type of ranking system after every win?possibly?


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Well you aren't taking into consideration all the cheating that would pop up after doing that at the very least people rage disconnecting or finding any exploit they can to get a win or prevent a loss. currently nobody cares and plays fairly and nicely. yes there are some benefits to a ranking system. the challenge of beating people legitimately is somewhat addicting to some. however, there will have to be a whole lot of people to moderate accounts and the ladder which means people being punished for something they wouldnt normally do like disconnecting. currently the red alert 2 community does this because they came from xwis. the tiberian sun people have stopped doing this entirely since they have been here longer now. lots of complaining on the forum will also occur about users who are doing things in the game to try to win. all in all it will make a much more toxic community especially in the tiberian sun community. currently all the rank douchebags are laying low but they will surface. anyway, the ladder is apparently being worked on by several people. the guy pushing for it mainly is tahj which ive seen he published some ladder related files.  anyway i personally do not look forward to a ladder system here at all. people will have to register, there will be a ton of moderating going on, fighting, etc.


I second that. I remember how bad cheating used to be. I felt like every game I played resulted in units I've never heard of killing me at the end.

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