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  1. if there is no problem with it.............
  2. Yeah the game is the same age as Red Alert 2 XD
  3. That is so true......LONG LIVE COMMAND &CONQUER! XD :sethisdeath: :mammoth:
  4. try mental omega for ra2:yr and rise of the reds 1.85 or blitzkrieg LOL.......there's just too many c&c mods to remember
  5. I think there was another studio band up by westwood after they got liqudated....... was it jet set games or studio........
  6. wait there is? where can i get it?
  7. Great! But I have a question,will we be able to connect a game match with cncnet 5 on yuri's revenge even with the same serial number?
  8. Hey,GanXter its me remember? From Cncnet I told it is more active here Anyway good luck on the streaming! Hopefuly you will be here longer.... And......I think youtube and twitch are just nearly the same......
  9. same CD key/serial number it must be not the same thing or it will just shut you off. Did you played it on the internet or Lan?
  10. LOL.......also quite cool.....will there be a invasion or just some players fighting around in matches
  11. well hopefuly there is a free to download emperor:battle for dune....
  12. LOL,thanks and I think games like emperor:battle for dune and RA2 and YR are hard to get by some players.
  13. After Yuri's Revenge, what will CNCNET5 support next? Generals,Renegade,Emperor:Battle For Dune,Red Alert 2?
  14. Its going to be great if cncnet had some kind of ranking system but you do have a point there stefor.
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