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Red Alert APB Gaming Event


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Red Alert: A Path Beyond Weekend

Starting on the morning of Friday the 20th of March 2015,

Ending on the late evening of Monday the 23rd of March 2015!

Be there :)



Hello everyone i would like to announce that we are going to hold a new gaming event for Red Alert: A Path Beyond which will be the first one this year with more to come maybe in the future.

We will be playing on the MPF AOW/Coop Server with all -or most of- our moderators, players and server developers.



The server records all sorts of things such as kills, games played, vehicles destroyed, buildings destroyed, infantry killed and also which weapon was used to kill with.

Check your stats here: http://apb.multiplayerforums.com/stats.php


Win C&C 3 Tiberium Wars


I bought a legit copy of C&C 3 Tiberium Wars on Steam for the person ranked first!

The rankings will be reset on Friday the 20th of March. The person ranked first at the end of the event on Monday the 23rd of March will receive the game as a gift into their Steam account from me.

After the event the stats will be archived and the regular monthly stats will resume :)



If you are a newcomer to RA:APB or never heared of it:

Red Alert A Path Beyond is a full standalone conversion of the Renegade W3D Engine, you do not need the game Renegade to play it but you can run it along-aside Renegade just fine in case you do have it.

It consists of structures, vehicles, units, sounds and many other custom assets from the game C&C Red Alert.

There are lots of (custom)maps and a few different game-modes such as the classic All Out War, Deathmatch and Co-Op.


Where to Download?

You can download the Red Alert: A Path Beyond client from their website at www.bluehellproductions.com


Thanks & Have fun

Thank you all for reading this and maybe joining up in this event, we haven't held any events for a long time so we hope to see many people join up and have some good old fun.




Greetz the MPF APB Server Moderator and Development Team

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