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Red Alert 2 Live Stream (Edd's Stream)


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Hey guys, my name is Edd and I play  Ra2 on XWIS!  I know there's a few of us on here that are streaming already which I think is great. The more the better!


I stream HD 720p competitive Ra2 2v2 clan matches and quick matches  about 3-4 times a week. If you're interested in watching, check out my stream at www.twitch.tv/vLtality


Make sure to follow my stream or 'like' my facebook page (facebook.com/cncedd) that I just recently created to know when i'm  streaming.


If you'd like to watch some games if i'm offline, i've uploaded some awesome games on youtube. Check them out at youtube.com/xxkaboom  I'll keep adding more games whenever I can.  :cncsmirk:




If you have any questions, ask away!


P.S. I'm hoping with the addition of Ra2 for cncnet that there will be a ladder... if so, i'll be here!


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