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Revised 3 vs 2 map, and a slightly new mode of play (Duel Mode)

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I was just screwing around and revised my "great wall 3 vs. 2 map" so that all players start in the middle.  This is so that it's less of a crapshoot who goes where and the pro players can just move SW while the noobs can go NE.  I also put a neutral CY in the SW position for the heck of it.  Mind you, if you sell your original CY the neutral one won't allow you to build anything; it only speeds up production.  Observe:




Also, an me and an old buddy of mine were hanging out and LANing a couple of games and I came up with a sort of duel concept.  Each player starts with 5 commandos, 5 Bazookas and an MHQ.  Hide in the trees, snipe enemies, capture the Chinooks, and just be underhanded in general ;)  Start with 1 unit and bases off.  crates might be cool, too.  I dunno, whatever:




**Edit** added Chinooks to the duel map


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Well, got some good players together to test the 3 vs. 2 map. check it out! With pros like Jacko and cn2mc however, it seems the bonus CY is not needed.  So this is the (hopefully) final version of the map.  As pictured above, but just no CY.  It was suggested to replace it with a comm. center, but I think I'll just leave it be for now..... Enjoy!


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