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Dune II Goodies


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Listed below are links to various useful Dune II-related files, patches, mods and the like.


Dune II page at FED2k

Information, downloads and links.


Nyerguds' Dune 2 directory

Contains lots of useful stuff :)


Dune II v1.07 fix

This is an unofficial patch that fixes some bugs and errors in Dune II v1.07. Most importantly, it fixes the so-called team bug, an error in the internal syntax that disabled the use of attack teams of vehicles by AI players.


Dune II Gravis Ultrasound Patch

This unofficial patch adds support for Gravis Ultrasound card in Dune II, allowing for high-quality synthesized music.


Dune II Coloured User's Manual in PDF

Nyerguds created this wonderful edition of the Dune II manual from an old official manual in DOC format that was included with the HitSquad CD release of Dune II. Nyerguds' version of the manual has high-quality coloured images from the game, and also fixes all spelling and other mistakes too.


Dune II EMC patch

This patch makes a few useful improvements to Dune II: buildings no longer decay for no reason, carryalls always bring repaired units from the repair facility back where they picked them up (you no longer need to surround the repair facility with walls for this), and missile turrets get always out-ranged by rocket launchers (previously, they had to be positioned at certain angles to get out of turrets' range). Made by Minniatian. (NOTE: Some people consider this patch a "cheat")


Stefan's Atreides Campaign

A completely new Atreides campaign made by Stefan Hendriks using his own Dune II scenario editor, Dunedit.


Super Dune 2 by Power C & Shadow Knight

An fan-made mod/add-on for Dune II dating back to 1994. It replaces the regular three Houses with the originally unplayable Fremen, Sardaukar and the unused Mercenaries, and has extra features like player-owned sandworms (when playing as the Fremen). However, Super Dune 2 has quite a few glitches mostly due to the fact the "new" sides were not meant to be playable by the developers. Download it either from FED2k or from this site.


Super Dune II Classic

Super Dune II Classic is an update of the 1994 Super Dune 2. It fixes a lot of bugs and errors from the original release of Super Dune 2. Needs certain original Dune II files to run.


Dune 2 eXtended

This is a little Dune II mod project of mine, initially called Super Dune II Second Edition, that started as a revival of Super Dune 2. Eventually it evolved beyond that, and has come to feature a few new units, a largely reworked tech tree and other stuff. A playable Demo of the project is also available.

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