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Why OTHER people decide what faction YOU can play as?


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I am an old player from one decade ago. When game was in its golden era. I can perfectly remember any player who joined a game, could pick a faction of THEIR choice, not of the game's host! They forbid me pick Yuri and even kick me from game! I report not their behavior, but the program's FEATURE! What on earth made you incorporate such a DISGRACE into the game? Who said the room creator should have a moderator's powers and hammer, for what reason and purpose? What is the reason again, for reviving multiplayer for this masterpiece of a game, if you are not even allowed to choose your favorite faction, the one you played with since when the morons swinging the hammer were still sucking thumb, the one you know best? Congratulations, guys, for ruining the show for me. Thankfully, i decided to try the service before donating, i was itching to donate, damn me.

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