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Is it possible to change the game's damage rate/price/build time and other things from rules file. In this way maybe cncnet team will release a update were yuri is not unbalanced.

For example: Ufo- cost 2470 , boomers- cost 3000. Since i don't think if this is possbile i think maybe we could change the price of them only.

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To be clear from the start here, CnCNet will never release an update to balance any of the games for very obvious reasons. It's a lengthy process, no-one will ever agree about others decisions so its best to leave it be. The games are meant to be played how the original developers intended.


Granted, yes, we've added two options such as "No engineer eating" and "Destroyable Bridges" to the client but only as optional checkboxes, and it is never enforced.


Mod's are able to be made if you wish to make a project about balancing the game.



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