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Problem , in actually playing, everything is good , but ......



I downloaded the game through origin

It's working and everything is ok

and i downloaded the cncnet client and it works and i can join games

and the games starts , and everything is ok

but the moment the game starts , the game loses connection , and all other players show times on red , please help me


I'm on windows 10

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Hello and welcome


Could you check you have a filed called wsock32.dll in your game directory? For origin, the game directory should be at Program files > Origin Games > Commannd & Conquer Red Alert : 2 (or something similar)


If you do have that file, please remove and try again.

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Hmm OK, double check that file isn't there because if it is that will likely be the root of the issue.


Does this happen in every game you've tried?  Have you tried a different hosted game?


Otherwise, do you have anything potentially blocking connections like an antivirus, or firewall?


Can you check your NIC drivers are updated?

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