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Issues At Loading Screen Just Before Game. Solutions please?


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Hello, I just recently upgraded my computer to windows 10 and reinstalled Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge. I've also installed the CnC Net.

I have no problem running Yuri's Revenge CnC Net and joining lobbies.


The problem starts when I enter the game loading screen. I am the only player to load on my screen and the others' load progress shows 0%. It then stops there and I have to exit the client. From the perspective of the other players, apparently I load up the fastest and then the game tells them one system wasn't able to connect.


I've tried reinstalling everything and tinkering around with my firewall.


Any ideas?

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Thanks for the quick reply!


I just double checked and did a search, but "wsock32.dll" isn't in the game directory or in any sub-directories.


Also just ran another update and tried CnC Net again, but I still have the same issue. :(


Is there anything else I can do?

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