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Red Alert 2 (Yuris Revenge) White Screen

Son of Zaros


Heya People,


Just started with using cncnet's multiplayer servers, but i can't seem to make it work.

When i'm starting a match (multiplayer and even skirmish) i'm getting a white screen. Throught the sounds i know i'm ingame. I can press Esc to get back to the menu normally. Only the map will give me the white screen.


Googled it already, but can't seem to find the solution.

Hope you guys get some answers.



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tried your suggestion, but it didn't work. Changed it to IE-DDraw first, but then the game will say that the main executable isn't working. When i changed it to default it said: error - unable to set video mode.


Do you have any other idea's? Thanks for looking in to it btw.

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Hey - OK what resolution do you have set? Leave the renderer on default and try setting it to 800x600 as a test. If that doesn't work, try removing ra2md.ini from your game directory and retrying.


If that doesn't work, try updating your video card drivers.

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