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Multiplayer strategy discussion and your best multiplayer story.


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I played my first multiplayer match in years a couple of days ago, and it was great. A huge rush. I would like to continue playing this and get better. Normally when I get into an RTS I browse message boards to see what strategies people use, counters, and general best practices. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot that going on here, probably because it is an old game and everyone knows everything already.


Where should I look for tips, strategies, and study material in general? I am a Soviet main so preferably soviet stuff, but anything that points me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Also, what's your best experience in RA2 multiplayer? Here's mine:

I was playing a buddy 1 on 1. First time playing this game against another human. We were playing a gametype that gave us all 3 tech trees, though I don't remember what it was called. The map consisted of 3 islands in a line, connected by bridges, with oil derricks islands dotting the rest of the map. The two outside islands had the player bases, and the middle had some tech buildings.


I had played countless skirmishes against AI with him, so I knew his strategy: Turtle up, build a prism tank rush, attack the enemy base. I had a while to figure out what I was going to do. In preparation I rushed a spy satellite, navy seal, and boomer subs. I moved the seal to the center island, and sure enough my buddy already destroyed his bridge with his tanks.


Once I had some boomers, I sent them over, cleared the sea of his navy and began harassing his buildings. He diverted funds to anti-air. That coupled with him only having the one ore patch on his island meant that he ran out of money. After much struggle and butthurt he eventually got his prism tank army built. He repaired the bridge and sent them across, right into the killzone of my navy seal.


I wanted to get as much of his army on the bridge as possible before I blew it, so I had to wait till the last possible second before his prism tanks came in range to kill my seal. The anticipation was intense. I saw the last prism tank's treads hit the asphalt of the bridge. I clicked the bridge-repair hut. I saw the lead prism tank's turret turn towards my seal. The bridge blew. His whole army that he struggled so hard to make stopped in midair, then descended to their doom with an anticlimactic "bloop". My fist pump and victory cry was loud and primal. His "Fuck you" from across the room was exasperated and resigned. He rage quit and never played me 1 on 1 again.

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