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C&C Tiberium Crystal War 2 - Public Testing


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Tiberium Crystal War 2.0


Public Testing

I've decided to make the TCW 2.0 testing public.

It is very timeconsuming to find people willing to test and get them to be active on the forums and all.

So i figured it would be nice to just make it a public thing. You can now download the client through SVN and join the testserver.

I hope you like trying it out, but keep in mind that the game is not finished and you may of course give suggestions.

I encourage everyone who decides to download it to register on our forums and report any issues or questions.


For more information, how-to and the Test Client, please read: http://multiplayerforums.com/topic/4649-public-tcw-20-test-client-changelog/

The channel on irc is irc.cncirc.net in #MPF-TCW and #MPF-TCW-Test



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