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What was the modal window asking on CnCNet wineskin on Mac


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I am using Mac Yosemite and I used the Mac wineskin wrapper for playing RA & co.

After first opening the .app I got asked something about x11, I think, but it was late and I simply clicked "yes". Now I just want to know what the modal window asked? After uninstalling CnCNet.app, the message did not appear again.


Stupid like I am, I forgot what the concrete question was. I am not sure if this modal was by CnCNet or by Mac (because something about X11 or so?)


I hope anyone can help me :)

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I'm not a CnCNet employee but allow me to speak on their behalf (seeing as no-one replied in more than 24 hours).


I don't think it was the CnCNet app that asked about x11. In fact, I'm pretty sure it didn't, because, why would it?


I'd think the wineskin wrapper, if anything, asked you that question.  :) 


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