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  1. SiRaLeX

    lag still

    Think you're tuff, huh? Allahu akbar? How was I being "extremely racist"?
  2. He built 2 miners. You can't call that a rush anymore. Wow, another unprovoked quality post. By a (how old are you now) 45 year old (?) virgin. I feel you, man.
  3. SiRaLeX

    lag still

    That explains your spelling and the substandard quality of your posts. Was already wondering what was wrong.
  4. CnCNet client is internet, hurr durr. I doubt there's any way to do pure LAN with Windows 10. With Windows 7, yes, but it isn't easy if you're not a computer scientist. Your best bet is CnCNet (with the hack of using VPNs) or some other online service/server. I'd go as far as recommending GameRanger to you which I have never recommended to anyone under any circumstances but for you it sounds like the best idea. There's things like VMware. But again, don't bother unless you're a computer scientist and have access to a super high end server with a minimum of 8 physical cores and at least 32 GB of RAM. These things are generally not worth it. Windows 10 is troublesome enough.
  5. Wrong. But they start with 5 times as much money, so you have to spy them fast.
  6. Just some honest advice from me: if you want to improve your skill (seeing that you're still pretty nooby) you should play XWIS QM some more. Half of the stuff you say and do are kind of out of line with the basic RA2/YR school of thought. E. g.: You keep one Rocketeer in your enemies base doing absolutely nothing and then leave him behind You say it takes 4 black eagles to take out a battle lab when it really takes 3 You promote the eating of engineers going for oils/techs? This one's pretty lame if you ask me You say it's important to place refineries near ore fields yet yours are placed really terribly and half a mile away A lot of other stuff actually.
  7. What do you understand under "hard coded"? The amount of boxes in the sidebar differs, depending on resolution. So how is it "hard coded" but the dialogs aren't? The Photoshop image looks pretty cool. Will never be reality tho, sadly.
  8. Are there different executables for each language? :huh: In RA2/YR?
  9. That's actually complete and utter bullshit. Windows scheduler is a lot smarter than you think it is. I personally have HT enabled and have never had any problems with it playing RA2. Disabling it isn't a solution.
  10. Glad you guys resolved the issue. Looking forward to some great matches!
  11. How about you guys find a damn time when all of you can play? Three of you (Andy, naWb, Korc) are scattered across the USA while ZiGZaG lives in Scottland. So you guys can't assume that ZiGZaG will be able to play when it's 10 PM for you because for him it'll be complete night time at around 5 AM. And naWb, you've flamed me on XWIS before for absolutely no reason when you've lost. I don't see why Andy and ZiGZaG would bail out on you. They are both good enough players. Only problem seems to be finding the time.
  12. How is it ZiGZaG's fault? Honestly, I don't know why I'm getting involved anyway. Was just trying to help.
  13. Ugh, you guys indeed do have massive issues. I think you're either putting too much pressure on each other or some of the players either can't read the time or don't realize that the world is divided into different time zones and in turn don't understand these implications. It doesn't befuddle me at all. He asked me on Skype to play with him. Needless to say that I declined. No offense to Andy. But you guys need to work on your organization skills. Also CnCNet should find the impersonator and punish him for impersonating a member of the community. Willingly using other peoples nicks to impersonate them is lower than low.
  14. Even Dry Heat can be modded. It's not like that Westwood maps are somehow special and can't be modded.
  15. Close your Antivirus. It's of no tangible use anyway if you use your brain. Why are you linking to this topic?
  16. Maybe he was hosting a modified map with spy sat and other techs at his spot. I don't know if that's still a thing but it's a possibility, AFAIK. Anyways, thanks for the report. It's great to see players helping to keep CnCNet cheat-free!
  17. Nyerguds, I know full well what "irony" and "profit" mean. Just FYI (for your information): profit doesn't always have to be monetary but often times it is exactly that and anyways, after all everything is about money. Without it you wouldn't have CnCNet running as electricity, servers and work hours all cost money. And to break it down for you, you're using the cncmaps renderer (made by someone else) for your own [glow=red,2,300]profit[/glow] and then it turns out to actually (somewhat) hurt you because it "stopped working", [glow=red,2,300]irony[/glow] right here and as you say "it needs more error catching" which in turn decreases your [glow=red,2,300]profit[/glow] since you have to put in working hours to add that "more error catching" which is yet another [glow=red,2,300]irony[/glow].
  18. Also he could have gotten a crate on start and you didn't notice that crates were on or he could even have moved his MCV around before he allied. There's a lot of possibilities. As a general rule CnCNet is a cheat free server. However it's impossible to guarantee a game to be 100 % cheat-free. Something can always slip through but they did a very good job blocking most cheats. TBH, I've played players on XWIS who were suspicious as well like 'Wiganfc' who didn't even bother scouting until he picked up all my dogs game after game and then even started attacking me in for him unscouted terrain without sending a dog first or anything.
  19. He posted his reply in the wrong topic, quoting in his behalf! XD
  20. Welcome! Are you still a goth, Aro? XD And do you like PVRIS?
  21. Geometry of simple molecules is one of the simplest things. You can deduce it from Lewis notation. I linked that page in my first and second post. XD
  22. Video is still processing. But I'll be completely honest with you. I'm watching your Outlast 2 reaction video and you're a hottie! I like your steel blue eyes and your voice is very soothing. Also very masculine face. You're a criggen hottie! XD I used to play FEAR, FEAR 2 and FEAR 3 years ago. Is Outlast made by the same guys?
  23. Is that a question?! Take a look at my attachment table. EN is the number in the bottom right. Basically: EN increases from left to right because atomic radius decreases and it becomes harder to remove an electron. EN decreases from top to bottom because atomic radius increases and it becomes easier to remove an electron. Fluorine has got the highest EN, because noble gasses aren't reactive so it's not really useful. I like your theory but I think it just has to do with molecular geometry. H2O is bent/angular (V shaped). HF is linear. CH4 is tetrahedral (nonpolar).
  24. Well, the picture X3M posted, clearly shows the effects of hydrogen bonding. You have to know that water, hydrofluoric acid and ammonia are polar molecules (dipoles) while Methane is nonpolar (no hydrogen bonds). As to why H2O has an even higher boiling point than HF, despite F having the highest electronegativity of all elements, would be because H2O forms two hydrogen bonds essentially creating a net while HF only forms a string. H2S having lower BP than H2O despite being heavier is because Sulfur has lower EN than Oxygen thus weaker hydrogen bonds. Correct, X3M?
  25. Don't use cheats. Play the game as it's supposed to be played and you will undoubtedly become a better player and be able to have much more fun online as well. Believe it or not, but you can build huge armies in just 5 minutes in skirmish as well as online without the use of any cheat. CnCNet doesn't support the use of cheating tools, not even offline. You have to know that every trainer out there, at least every trainer I know, contains malware which can harm your privacy as well as the files on your computer and could considerably slow down your PCs performance. Generally stuff that you don't want to run on your machine. Note that this is coming from a former trainer developer. If you still want to use trainers, then feel free to do what Nyerguds said. Copy a RA2/YR installation without CnCNet installed to another location.
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