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Standalone Tiberian Sun menu glitches



My original version of TS was the one with the fan made launcher, that allowed you to setup a skirmish match using the ulterior match setup screen, allowing you to choose starting positions, and ally with AI players, etc. But it started getting all wonky - I had the resolution set to 1920 x 1080, plus I had added a .dll file that the Yuri's Revenge pcgaminggaming wiki offered. This file helped make the game run properly on Windows 7 machines, so that the menus worked properly, and there was no ingame lag. In TS, I go to start up a skirmish match, and the in game screen is fucked. It showed the map split in two - I could see my starting units on two sides of my screen, there where black tiles cutting into the game... I jsut had no idea.


So I deleted the version of TS I had, and got a new version, from this website:




I got the unofficial link.


The website said if you have too many savegame files, loading a campaign map could lead to a crash. Just a side thing.


Now that I have this new version of TS installed, I load up the game, go to click on Settings off of the main menu with the blue text? That works, the background menu music stops, and then the little window appears giving me further options. So I go to screen resolution, but when the listings appear, I go to select a resolution, and I hear a click, but nothing gets highlighted, and the screen flickers for a split second. So I click again, and now a resolution higher up on the list from the one I clicked on gets highlighted... I click a thirds time, and finally, the desired resolution gets highlighted...


You see, the reason I fucked around so much with my previous TS installation, was to get the menus to work properly. For example, during gameplay on the previous version I had, I would pause the game in singleplayer, but I couldn't see the options menu! I had to Alt-Tab in and out to actually get to see the options.


I have Windows 7, and am running on admin.


- - -


Also, does anyone actually have savegame files for both the original GDI & Nod campaigns, and the GDI & Nod Firestorm campaigns?


It looks PlanetCnC is down, and I couldn't find them on file front either.


Any insight would be appreciated.

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