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  1. Right but that's a day after I posted this. Just like last time when I notified them about their TS CD links not working, the moderators seemed to have fixed the link. Nice quick response! Thank you. @ore_truck lol you got googly eyes.
  2. Naw, meant this: https://cnc-comm.com/command-and-conquer/downloads/the-game/installer You guys run that website too, right? The forum link on that website leads me here.
  3. I wanna download C&C95 but the link on your website is dead. You guys still got access to that file?
  4. Uh is this not the right forum to post this? Can anyone give me the contact info for the moderators of the CNC Comm website? I'm confused, the website says CnC Comm Center but the forums say CnC Net. Are you guys the same thing? I REALLY need that download link fixed, if possible. or if anyone here has the original TS and FS CDs send me a PM.
  5. Yo, I'm trying to download the original GDI & Nod Tiberian Sun discs and the Firestorm disc from the C&C Comm Center website but the links are not working. Yes, I know about the new TS Client and the older TSinstaller but I need the original game in order to play the Tiberian Sun Retro mod for campaign. The TS Client and installer work ok with Retro for Skirmish, but they're giving me a headache for campaign mode. It doesn't work properly, I can't get the Nod FMVs to play and I get an internal error after completing either the GDI or Nod first mission, so campaign is not working with Retro. If anyone could update those links that'd be greatly appreciated. Or if someone knows why on the TS Client the campaign mode doesn't work with Retro, that'd be awesome. I don't think Retro works with TS Client because Retro was made with the OG Firestorm 2.03 version or whatever. Since TS Client is way newer than that it's incompatible. It works with skirmish but everytime you exit the game it gives an error saying executable is not working, which is odd.
  6. Hey n00bie, only your GDI save games load. The Nod ones, they request me to insert CD 1... and when I do, I get Internal Error. Dafuq? I try to load Nod saved games, with my CD 2 inserted, and the stupid fucking game asks me for CD 1..... and if I do that, I get IE. Any ideas?
  7. Aw quit being such a faggot. like seriously. If you really wanna get into this debate, make your own thread for it. otherwise i'll just call you retarded for the rest of the times i see you, son. Already you're an embarrassment. Don't dig this shithole further.
  8. @fireworks: lol, that was good. @Legolas: lol, why are you nervous? The only foolish thing here is your comment: "MO was designed to play against AI." Thats just a ridiculous statement. It couldn't be further from the truth. I was one of the beta testers. It was always online play, versus. MO is balanced pretty good. And oh so the air rush was you then? Well congratulations, it was you who owned the other guy. lol, why are you nervous, you're supposed to be owning. I bet you could beat me at MO. I haven't competed in in a while. Anyways that air rush could have been stopped. I've seen ppl do it all the time.
  9. Because comparing MO to YR is like comparing steak to pork rinds. @Legolas: Designed to play against bots? What in the god damn hell are you talking about? You just got owned, thats all, they air rushed you, and you had not scouted, and had no AA, obviously. It happens to the best of us. @FlyingMosutache You forgot to consider lowering the IFV and the Flak Track's speed to 6, so that Gatt, Flak and IFV's all have the same speed. That way, all of them being able to fire on the move might actually pan out. Or no?
  10. @ore_truck: That was a sarcastic question, ore_truck. You're not supposed to answer those.
  11. The term "E-penis"..... I'd smack the guy who coined it. To me, it just sounds really awkward, and a bit stupid. Same with the term "headass".... who's bright idea was that? We already got "dumbass," and that sounds great. Classic insult. Headass doesn't flow nearly as well as dumbass. E-Penis sounds awkward, and a little gay. *Ba-Dum-Tsh* but as of right now I have no substitute for it. Well, aside from the obvious: Ego A unanimous change for the units that are mostly useless, to become fairly useful. Examples: - Make v3 rocket's travel MUCH faster. They've always been too easy to shoot down because of how slow they fire. - Increase Tesla trooper's range, rate of fire, and health/armor (make them immune to dogs) - Increase Tesla Tank's range, rate of fire (make it burst=2, if it isn't already) and health/armor. Neat. But about the gattling tank, and it's relation to its equivalent units, the IFV and Flak Track - is the gattling tank overpowered or are the IFV's and Flak Tracks underpowered? How 'bout make the IFV and flak track same speed as Gattling tank (so a bit slower than they are currently), but allow them to fire on the move? Or is it for sure that enabling IFV's and Flak Tracks and other vehicles to shoot on the move when they're not supposed to would upset the balance too much?
  12. Indiscriminate? That means I haven't carefully judged. Hyper activity? Is it tough to keep up? Naw, come on man, its easy. I've judged these people with absolute care; the guy who ratted me out actually was a bad player. I swear to god, this guy just runs in a straight line right at you, he doesn't strafe, he doesn't have much tactical awareness, he's just fodder. I've seen him get kicked out of matches for team hampering and just generally being useless. Where as me? I'm a decent player, I'm tactically aware, I know how to move and aim, I know how the units work, I know how to prioritize. I'm in the top 3 on my team sometimes, basically a deciding factor in smaller games like 5v5. But the staff at BHP let this jerk-off stay, and then ban me, mostly because I chewed out said jerk-off.... and I also got some gender confused social justice warrior fruitcups triggered... hell, one of their own staff deliberately trolled me to provoke me into saying stuff - they pretended to be a random new comer who was easily offended.... **Facepalm** lol, I tell yah, its only the few uptight twats versus the many laid back players. Unfortunately for me, the uptight twats won - the devs caved to them.
  13. Shit, is this like the wrong subforum to post this? Or does nobody here even know?
  14. @Plokite Wolf: Well my point was, if you're gonna mod Yuri's Revenge...... wellll THERE'S AN EPIC MOD ALREADY MADE, MUHAHAHAHAAAAA: #MentalOmegaIsBoss But I get it. Mental Omega is quite the revamp of RA2. You guys still want vanilla RA2/YR, just balanced better.... What do you pros think about the Gattling Tank being nerf'd so that it doesn't fire on the move? Bring it down to IFV/Flak Track level, instead of bringing up IFV/Flak Track to Gattling Tank's level?
  15. Running amok.... by... criteria? lol. Now thats a non sequitur; you're using a verb; running amok is something physical. You're using this with an ethereal subject if you will, a concept, something not physical - a criteria. Don't worry son, I know what you mean. but still... at least say thru criteria, that at least sounds a little more natural.... And thats all bullshit. I was doing fine. Their built in language filter got me on some things, like it does everyone else. But then I got ratted out by a couple of crybabies, one of them being in my own clan, lmao. To be fair, he's a terrible player (piss poor aim, lotta team hampering), and not very bright. Neither are the gender confused poofballs and femi-nazis in the player pool, which there are at least one of each. Fucking idiots. PC annoyances aside, the main problem with APB is the server lag, which is pretty bad, unless you live in that part of Europe, and I still am not sure which part of Europe it is. MP Gaming used to have a server with APB, a North American server. But alas, MP Gaming is dead, I believe. Anyways, that all said, you should definitely still play APB. Despite some of the pussies in their player base, and potential server lag, I'd still recommend it. You see, if it had more players, and if there was a North American server - basically if APB was BIGGER, then none of these silly minorities would have been a problem for guys like me, the straight and true with tremendous moxie. A Path Beyond: Lotta potential! But, a lotta lag..... people lagging behind, and server lag. Two kinds of lag, my man. 2 kinds. To retard means to slow.... too fucking slow, lagging behind.
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