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C&C Tiberium Crystal War 2 Test Client Available


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Download Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Test from the link below:




Hello everyone,


Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 is nearing a first public release however we still need to do some real balance testing with more than 10 players at a time.

Most units, buildings and code are in place now and are functioning properly.


I am hoping that by releasing this Test Installation we will see some players join up from time to time to REALLY test the balance of the game.

We can hopefully pin down any major issues before we do a full public release upcoming January 2016.


Notes: There is currently no launcher available for this test version so you will need to edit the shortcut properties on your desktop and/or startmenu and change your nickname.

Next go into your StartMenu and run the TCW2 Configuration utility to set your resolution and options.

After that you can simple double click on the shortcut called Tiberium Crystal War 2 Test to have it join our test server.


Thanks everyone for joining and testing the client.

Be sure to register on our forums to report any issues you may have: http://www.multiplayerforums.com

You can join the IRC channel on IRC.CNCIRC.NET in #MPF-TCW and #MPF-TCW-Test


Thanks again.

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