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Slow Servers


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  • 2 weeks later...

If you always have high ping than you should upgrade your internet. If not than chose a server wich is close to your country don't ask me how you do that ask the host. Also the above comment is right pls inform before posting stupid things.



same goes for you, da fuck u morons smoking dont comment if you have no clue

Mahbod come on, this isn't the way to talk in this community just be nice or keep it to yourself please.


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The Servers are either too crowded or there is some other issue but lately, the ping is erratic on different games. at times, it shows +400 ping on some games while less than 100 on other rooms...


please get a fucking education before posting stupid shit like that.


good day


sorry i didnt knew that was ur sister i fucked the other night...i can understand the anger but whats done is done...

thats the exact same answer youll get from a admin but more "politely"

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