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Time out bars/lost connection directly after base deployment



As the title says


This issue prevent us from playing!

Issue can last for more than a day and it happen few times every week

This issue is surely a regional issue as all of my egyptian friends have it at same time, no game will work no matter who creates it

At the time of this issue other international players dont have it and can play normally

This cant be a personal or a software issue as it happen to all egyptian players same time and it also goes away by itself without any change in the system, not even a pc restart


What would be causing that? and who to fix it?

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The base does not explode

My version is original and is not bad, nothing wrong with it or its installation, game works perfectly so many times

We all also tried different versions and we have same issue, Issue does not mean that it always does that, it means sometimes.


we also tried the alternative server, it did not solve the issue when it comes


I just checked upnp on my router and it is enabled, but I dont understand what to allow cncnet.exe and yurisrevenge.exe


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