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Can't connect to internet help needed

Milkey Wilkey

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soo I have a massive probleme here. I've got a notebook and can't open any http/https/ftp/skype or anything else when I connected to the router in the route mode, but if connected via bridge mode everything works. the problem is not in router since I tryed this on several routers and type of connection, every other device works greate. I tryed both wifi and cable with the same results

But. I can ping any site both by ip and by name. I tryed static ip, and and router address as default dns, tryed to set router as a default gateway, nothing works.


if you have any idea please help.

and no, I can't throw it out the window or reinstall windows (btw it has windows 7)


EDIT: well, after having a day in searching the solution I finally did it. reseting internet explorer to default do the trick

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