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  1. How do you think paypal is involved when you pay on steam with your credit card? And don't be stupid. You can pay with CASH. You can put your CASH on your steam wallet via atm or any other shit that accepts CASH.
  2. Wtf are you talking about? Bought it with normal credit card
  3. haha, not even a 5 minutes in and found this the last string of this never happened, as you already know
  4. if you have approximate year/month when it was supposed to be developed I can scan old websites/magazines for it. That's what I do best
  5. So I've got an answer from Jim Vessella about RA DVD, but unfortunatelly, he doesn't know anything about it. Here from 41:00 https://www.pscp.tv/arstechnica/1yNGaBonYnQJj?t=40m50s
  6. So now, when remasters are out, here's what you can find in the source code: And you can find many DVD related stuff throughout the code - MPEG stuff mainly. Maybe we should contact Denzil Long and ask him, what he remembers about it? maybe he even have something related to it
  7. so now we can teel for sure. this is from tib dawn source /* ** Determine leadership rating. */ unsigned leadership = 0; int index; for (index = 0; index < Logic.Count(); index++) { ObjectClass * object = Logic[index]; if (object->Owner() == house) { leadership++; } } HouseClass *houses[3]; for (index = 0; index < 3; index++) { houses[index] =(HouseClass::As_Pointer((HousesType)(HOUSE_GOOD+index))); } GKilled = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_GOOD))->UnitsLost; NKilled = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_BAD))->UnitsLost; CKilled = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_NEUTRAL))->UnitsLost; GBKilled = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_GOOD))->BuildingsLost; NBKilled = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_BAD))->BuildingsLost; CBKilled = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_NEUTRAL))->BuildingsLost; /* ** New - ST 6/12/96 2:40PM */ GHarvested = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_GOOD))->HarvestedCredits; NHarvested = (HouseClass::As_Pointer(HOUSE_BAD))->HarvestedCredits; if (!leadership) leadership++; leadership = Cardinal_To_Fixed(GKilled+GBKilled+leadership, leadership); leadership = Fixed_To_Cardinal(100, leadership); if (leadership > 100) leadership = 100; /* ** Determine efficiency rating. */ int gharv = GHarvested; int init = PlayerPtr->InitialCredits; int cred = PlayerPtr->Available_Money(); unsigned efficiency = Cardinal_To_Fixed( (house == HOUSE_GOOD ? GHarvested : NHarvested) + (unsigned)PlayerPtr->InitialCredits+1, (unsigned)PlayerPtr->Available_Money()+1); if (!efficiency) efficiency++; efficiency = Fixed_To_Cardinal(100, efficiency); if (efficiency > 100) efficiency = 100; /* ** Calculate total score */ long total = ((leadership * 40) + (4600) + (efficiency * 14))/100; if (!total) total++; total *= (BuildLevel+1);
  8. For cncnet and mods in general this means the possibilities are endless. You just have to find people that will want to play your megamod. But I can see that first things that will emerge from this are long standing bugs fixed, better client integration and inclusion of much needed qol features. For remaster, well, for now the mods are single player only. So, enjoy your mods with nice graphics alone
  9. Haha, I thought it was graveyard too But honestly, if you compare original 4 square sidebar to new, the new one will be miles faster since you don't have to scroll as much. Don't know how it compares to unlimited sidebar on ridiculous resolutions since I don't play like that
  10. Holy shit it looks like it's the ENTIRE source code of the game? I thought it would be like game logic modules, but apparently it's the whole exe wrapped up in the dll form and remaster use it as some kind of a VM. This means it could be potentially possible to recompile it as c&c95 or even C&C dos exe
  11. Also, all of the Radio thing that involves communications between units is cute
  12. Hell yeah, infantry melee combat and panic #ifdef BOXING if (IsBoxing) { int addval = 0; switch (warhead) { case WARHEAD_FIST: if (damage == Infantry_Punch_Damage[1]) addval++; Do_Action( (DoType) ( (int)DO_PUNCH_HIT1 + addval),true); break; case WARHEAD_FOOT: if (damage == Infantry_Kick_Damage[1]) addval++; Do_Action( (DoType) ( (int)DO_KICK_HIT1 + addval),true); break; } } else { #endif if (source && Fear < FEAR_SCARED) { if (Class->IsFraidyCat) { Fear = FEAR_PANIC; } else { Fear = FEAR_SCARED; } } else { int morefear = FEAR_ANXIOUS; if (Health_Ratio() > 0x0080) morefear /= 4; Fear = MIN((int)Fear + morefear, FEAR_MAXIMUM); } #ifdef BOXING
  13. As you may already know, the source code for TD and RA was released on github https://github.com/electronicarts/CnC_Remastered_Collection Share interesting things you find! There's one from me from the menu logic - it's probabply known before, but not for me /* ** This cause a right click anywhere or a left click outside the dialog region ** to be equivalent to clicking on the return to game button. */ It's a shame this only works in the main options screen and not in sub menus - could have saved me countless seconds going out from the jukebox :D
  14. isn't this was in beta? I bellieve that it was restored for you with an unofficial patch
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