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Red Alert Reloaded Campaign Beta 1


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I started this mission campaign project for my favorite C&C game a decade ago (originally it was named The Ultimate RA1 Campaign). It was partially completed in 2009 and was never released in public until Iran's Portable RA came about. Several years later this small project was rebooted to finish remaining development with some re-editing and tweaks.


This release contains 46 mission maps that are viewable via the custom missions menu (21 Allied missions and 25 Soviet missions). Some of the missions I created (and some were derived from official skirmish maps) are Allied missions 1-8,12-14,16,17,21 and Soviet missions 2,3,5,6,9,11,13,15-17,20-22,25. That list is certainly not final because I cannot recall everything which missions I created. Some great missions created by other users are integrated with this campaign.


However some of the maps are either unplayable and/or bugged by the unknown. The custom tutorial lines over line 209 may not be working ingame because all of the triggers that mention tutorial lines over line 209 are removed since they wind up crashing the game. Also structures like Forward Command Center, Nuclear Power Plant, Bio Lab, Volkov and Queen Ant need the original C&C cameo icons. Remaining bugs and other issues will be fixed in the next release, if only I know what the issues were.


Credits to all of the great RA1 pastime mappers who created those awesome missions and I will credit/name them in the next release until I find out who they were because there are so many RA1 custom missions created by various users.


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Really enjoyed the campaign,  very good fun and cool story.


just wanted to let you know of a few bugs to help with next release.


on the missions where you have to get a spy into a building the trigger does not tend to work and set off the next step i.e. reinforcements,. this occurs on a few of the missions, I can check which ones they were again.


Also not a bug but a question I was unsure of what the new buildings actually do (apart from the queen ant :)  )


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