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  1. Hi guys, My brother installed YR and cncnet without a problem, but is getting the following error. Has tried reinstalling both but still with the problem. Any help would be brilliants thanks all http://i.imgur.com/ky7MWkK.png
  2. Really enjoyed the campaign, very good fun and cool story. just wanted to let you know of a few bugs to help with next release. on the missions where you have to get a spy into a building the trigger does not tend to work and set off the next step i.e. reinforcements,. this occurs on a few of the missions, I can check which ones they were again. Also not a bug but a question I was unsure of what the new buildings actually do (apart from the queen ant )
  3. How do you need to set the game up, tried and whole map is blank apart from a brother?
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