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CPU Disasm
Address   Hex dump                  Command                                  Comments
0041D1EC  |.  8D4D AC               LEA ECX,[EBP-54]
0041D1EF  |.  8D5D A8               LEA EBX,[EBP-58]
0041D1F2  |.  8B55 B8               MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-48]
0041D1F5  |.  B8 C0DD5300           MOV EAX,0053DDC0
0041D1FA  |.  E8 A9520100           CALL 004324A8                            ; [C&C95.004324A8
0041D1FF  |.  8D4D B4               LEA ECX,[EBP-4C]
0041D202  |.  8D5D B0               LEA EBX,[EBP-50]
0041D205  |.  8B55 BC               MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-44]
0041D208  |.  B8 C0DD5300           MOV EAX,0053DDC0
0041D20D  |.  E8 96520100           CALL 004324A8                            ; [C&C95.004324A8


The lea just means pass by reference, from what  I can see it takes a pointer to the map in EAX.


void Compute ( void* mapptr, int unknown, short* a, short* b )
// stuff goes here


This is what tells it where to draw the laser from and it's obviously related to cell computation or other drawing because I see this call referenced elsewhere.  I haven't checked, nor do I really desire to spend too much time on it.  The only question is what other input is necessary, and I'll examine that.  Once you have this working it's a trivial matter to call drawline in the unit/infantry firing code to render the laser.


This is the first real reverse engineering I've done in months on C&C.  I'm lazy, get over it.


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