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CnCNet Released


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New release!



  • Automatic Port Forwarding - Will now automatically forward port 8054 UDP if your router supports it
  • Automatic Port Forward option - Allows you to disable the new feature if it causes problems
  • New window style for options dialog - Squarer window with a close button
  • ESC closes windows - As requested by Nyerguds
  • Alt-F4 no longer closes application - As requested by Nyerguds
  • Left click on tray icon opens menu - As requested by Nyerguds
  • Re-enabled user joining message - You will now receive a message when someone joins your game


I toyed with the idea of adding pings to users on the "Who's Online?" list, but since pings take a while to work out it delayed the opening time of the window and also most routers, by default, do not respond to ping requests. There's another way I could do this but it's a lot more work, so it'll not be until a later version.


I'm also considering offering other languages for the UI, if you're interested in translating - let me know :)


Also, if you find any bugs - let me know!

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