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  1. /Dramatic Entrance C&C Name: Irony Side: Nod Skill Level: AIs can't build bases, but they'd probably still beat me ;D (what kind of dates are these happening btw, I'm a busy man after all )
  2. Ajax might be a bit slow, but HTML5 details web sockets, which work just like how real games communicate
  3. In my folder I have BLOWFISH.DLL CLCD16.DLL clcd32.dll dplayerx.dll drvmgt.dll Language.dll PATCHW32.DLL SECDRV.SYS wsock32.dll but I dunno how many of them are required.
  4. Also the AJAX chat can only be used on this site, IRC can be used on the site (or the webchat at freenode) in a separate IRC client on a PC or even from a smartphone. It's a much more convenient way to offer a public chat room
  5. I agree with myg, I always beat an early tank rush by getting my teslas up quick, I always waited for their first wave to get destroyed before I even though about switching from tesla production to units. then after they sent their second/usually bigger wave I'd send mine and it generally worked 80% of the time by end of RA1's hayday on WOL
  6. tbh, I've written a couple of networked apps recently, and at least in c# & android java it's trivial to switch to IP6. Though I didn't simulcast, I just added a switch in the menu to use ip4 or ip6, so running both at the same time might require a little more, but I've not looked into it.
  7. Yeah, !P4 is dead. We're gonna run out of addresses this month. and then it's estimated about a year until all of the reserved addresses are allocated. 2011 is the year of IPv6. What'll probably happen though is private networks will remain IPv4 and the router will connect to the IPv6 namespace. But a lot of programs are gonna need updates to function properly. and IPX?! IPX has been dead for a decade!
  8. The servers probably ran on unix based systems
  9. To be fair, though. These were classic games, but are now modern updates of the classic games made to work on modern operating systems. It's nice that you can get them to work, but it's not what they're designed for. On another note, why are you taking such a huge risk as to run windows 9x? They've got more holes than Swiss cheese (They've not received any updates since 2006). There's plenty of exploits to gain control of a Win9x machine that don't even need you to do anything on your computer, You can literally just turn it on and it could get infected. I guess the one consolation is because the market share of windows 9x is less than 0.01%, not many attackers will be targeting them... Not what I was talking about but still a classic example of why you should move to modern operating system:
  10. Don't knock it, IE9 is very close behind webkit in features and it's faster than webkit. At the moment, it's opera that's behind.
  11. I'm using chrome atm, Not had a chance to look at ff4. 120MB? That's pretty light for a full browser these days IE9 is getting more and more impressive
  12. bleh, well I've got it all set up win D-Fend now
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