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Re-connection error at start of game


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Hello everyone, i'm a newbie that wants to play RA2/YR with my friend but everytime we start the game we get "Reconnection Error" just as we start building a "Power Plant".



Image loaned from another thread that looks exactly like our issue.

I've attached both SYNC0 and SYNC1 logs since i've heard that it's easier to solve the problem by debunking them.



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Where did you guys get the games?


If either of you is using the The First Decade release and have used the 1.03 revision 4 unofficial patch, the problem is that the patch includes Westwood's mappacks, some of which had duplicate maps, causing desyncs in multiplayer, as the game can't decide which map file of the two (probably identical ones) to get data from. Saw that in action in LAN recently.

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