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The latest update changes include:


Fixes & Improvements in 2.30:

  • Client should now find a connection to an available server a lot faster than before.
  • Mono compatiblity, general improvements, bug fixes - credits: hifi


Improvements in 2.31:

  • Client should now support players who can't resolve server hostnames and thus were unable to connect.


Changes in 2.32:

  • Client now supports more hostnames with a broader range of ports
  • Lock game queue priority increased
  • Join lobby queue priority decreased - should restore YR player icons
  • Removed Mental omega from supported list - this will not be in this client.
  • Restricted number of attempted connections to number of servers available.

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Can anyone confirm whether or not the lock game bug is fixed?



No it still sucks  you can lock and kick and they can still rejoin along with others for like an additional minute before it finally locks



you guys had it working right in one of the old original patches....  1. something

Any other bugs worth mentioning at this point?

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