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More game lobby options and tweaks


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As someone who hosts a lot, from my experience, there's a few mostly small things missing from the game lobby that would make it easier for us if implemented.


1. If RA2 Mode or Superweapons are selected, host must select either On or Random.


2. Spectators are always set to ready. Additionally, once set to Spectator, Start and Team are disabled and set to random.


3. Add two more options to the Side pull-down: Random Allied, Random Soviet. This way, among other things, if host wants everyone either Allied or Soviet, everyone isn't always picking the more favored countries from one of those factions.


4. Changing color doesn't reset everyone's ready status. This is how it was in XWIS and nobody complained.


5. Allow host to change the abundance of crates that appear. Imagine being able to have elite tank wars on other maps and not just ToE!


6. Ability to apply a custom patch... when one is applied, players are notified.


7. Ability to make additional ping requests


8. Until a player is kicked or leaves, they always stay in the same slot. There's been several occasions where I've accidentally kicked the wrong player because others were coming or leaving at the same time, causing the slots to be shifted around.

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