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  1. Game Lobby For Side, add the options of "Random Allied" or "Random Soviet"; also make it to where the host can lock players out from selecting certain factions so if a host wants to do something like "All Soviet" or "All Allied" type battles, For Side, Team and Start, make it so that the host can lock players out from making such selections--perhaps add a pad lock icon next to each one; this way, the host has a much easier time customizing games to their preferences For Crates, Multi Engi, No Dog Engi Kills, Destroyable Bridges, Supers, RA2 Mode and Rebalance, instead of just being able to toggle on or off, add a third option of random for each of those to add to the overall dynamics Gameplay Clicking on a teammate's refinery or Slave Miner reveals how much money they have The more overloaded a Mastermind becomes, they quicker they lose life
  2. Others might think I'm going out on a limb a bit bringing this up but at the same time, I'm not sure where else to address the matter. Over the last few years, let's face the fact that there's been this ongoing influx of players who typically have lower-quality connections. As a regular ToE player and someone who hosts often, I would like to suggest something that players of all other maps could find very beneficial. Over the last year or so, a lot of recently made custom ToE maps feature numerous frame and animation deletes. As such, we've found that it's helped tremendously in cutting down on lag and on top of that, recon errors have become a thing of the past. The problem however, it's an excruciating task to code because it involves going in, unit by unit, structure by structure when making a new ToE map and removing all the detrimental animations that contribute to the slowdowns. Is there any way to add a feature in game lobbies--perhaps with a slash command, that allows hosts to essentially cut down or eliminate unnecessary animations in order to improve the overall experience for everyone?
  3. I apologize if this has already been mentioned on here or is not deemed appropriate for this topic. But why not add another rebalance patch option that tweaks certain units, all of which are quite useless in their original forms? Here's a few suggestions: Tesla Trooper--increased range, perhaps just slightly shorter than when elite Tesla Tank--ability to fire on the move; same range as their elite counterpart but cannot do splash damage until fully promoted Tank Destroyer--Attacks on move if enemy unit/defense structure is located directly in front of it; increased speed; slight range increase when elite Apoc--reduce or eliminate their need to accelerate; ability to fire on the move
  4. I've used the map several times and have never witnessed anyone build anything out of the ordinary up until this took place.
  5. This guy "ac_" joined one of my games and successfully used a build cheat. His country was America and after building the power plant, he builds Yuri Barracks instead of Allied. Shortly afterwards, out comes a Chrono Commando??? This game was started about 15 mins prior to me posting this. Just check these out for yourselves...
  6. For black as well as at least 3 of those other colors to be readable, the chat text would have to be against a white background which would mean making in-game level tweaks. I know this because I suggested that idea for purple (among a few other things) to Rampastring and he explained it to me.
  7. Why not take the badging system a step further and in conjunction have a reputation assessment system to keep trolls like MaybeWeCrazy (a well documented game ruiner) in check? Have it so that players can rate one another as well. As someone who hosts frequently, I can say for certain that some lobby options are so desperately missing that could certainly take FFGs to another level: For the "Side" pulldown, add "Random Allied" and "Random Soviet" for hosts who want to hold something like an "all Allied" or "all Sovs" type matchup or perhaps even "all Allied team vs all Sovs team" match. This way, everyone doesn't just arbitrarily pick an upper tier country for those factions if a host demands one of those types of scenarios. When enabled, add the ability to adjust the volume of crates... perhaps have standard as the minimum and then maximum be something like 3 to 4x more, depending on the map size and whatnot. Imagine being able to hold epic elite matchups on more official (and much more balanced) maps besides just ToE. A three way option for Crates, Superweapons, Multi-Engi, No Dog Engi Eat and Destroyable Bridges--have the ability to select On, Off or Random If a player is "Spectator" they are always set to ready and their other pulldowns (Color, Team and Start) are all automatically disabled and set to random.
  8. Turns out, that is just another nick for a player (for lack of a better word) named "Kais". He also goes by other nicks to fool hosts and as suspected, has since gone on to ruining not just ToE games. One game he was on Arctic Circle as "MaybeWeCrazy" (one of his better known aliases), full roster consisting of 8. Other players who knew of him pleaded with the host to have him removed but to no avail. In that particular instance, he refused to deploy his MCV and just kept typing a bunch of gibberish. This guy is nothing but a bottom feeding troll scum. Are there any legitimate grounds to have this cancer removed? I'm sure it's only a matter of time before others start complaining about him. Here's screen shots of him in action killing his own teammates, openly admitting who he really is--in this particular instance, using the nick "PRO". Keep in mind, this is just one of what is surely to be so many countless incidents.
  9. This low-life goes by "Dust" and as of now, primarily targets ToE games. He's an outright team killer... witnessed him do it three times, each incident within just days of one another. In each incident, he engages within just minutes, targeting a teammate's MCV in a way that's rather difficult to counter by using several units all at once. Even though such a thing is probably unlikely to ever be implemented, it sure would be nice to have some sort of reputation assessment system to help keep these kinds of things to a minimum.
  10. I tried to put in a suggestion when QM was being created that certain settings should be set to random and with topics like this constantly floating around, perhaps implementing this probably wouldn't be such a bad idea. It obviously should depend upon the faction matchup--having players be unaware until the game is underway, forcing them to find out the hard way. Superweapons: Seemed to work out fine on XWIS Multi-engineer: Always disabled in all vs Yuri matches but 50/50 chance in AvA, AvS and SvS. If ever there's a good way to curtail the laming, this should be it. No Dog Engi Kills: 50/50 on all maps with tech buildings; always disabled vs Yuri and on non-tech maps
  11. Whenever there's more than one enemy airborne unit that comes within range of any anti-air unit or structure, they'll engage like normal but after it's killed, there's always a heavy delay when they start firing upon the next airborne units. The best example is a group of enemy rockies situated within range of flack tracks. Once they shoot down the first rocky, they'll become inactive for what seems like an eternity before beginning to engage another rocky... that is, unless you start targeting but that can prove very problematic in many different scenarios. I've found that it isn't limited to any particular unit or anti-air structure but happens very frequently in ground-to-air, air-to-air and naval-to-air engagements. However, when it comes to an airborne unit engaging an enemy ground or naval unit, this doesn't happen, along with all the other possibilities.
  12. I don't mean to come off as eccentric since I posted this suggestion previously, but having the same exact settings all the time makes things too one-dimensional whereas if options like Superweapons, Destroyable Bridges, No Dog Engi Kills and Multi-Engineer were all set to 50/50 random, it would makes things a lot more interesting. Even XWIS at one point changed Superweapons to random which I and perhaps several others felt gave QM a new interesting twist.
  13. Just like with Weather Storm and Nukes, have there be a warning when Psychic Dominator is used but there might be problems executing this (no pun intended) due to the lack of proper voice-overs. The more and more overloaded a Mastermind becomes, the faster it loses life. If it overloads by 1, keep it the normal rate, by 2 twice as fast; if by 3 or more and have a green life bar, brings their life down to red, then blows up; instant death if they were in the yellow or red. When using Ctrl-Shift with Flying Discs, they must stop to fire lasers. Only elites can fire on the move. Kirovs gain 30% speed increase when elite. Nerf garrisoned Initiates--far more powerful than garrisoned GIs. Remove the overpowering Dolphin target glitch where they basically fire through an opposing unit dealing much more damage. Clicking on a teammate's refinery or slave miner reveals how much money they have. Apocs and Tesla Tanks fire on the move; Tank Destroyers and Mirages fire on the move if the opposing unit or defense structure is directly in front of it. Elite Rocketeers fire on the move. Both Tesla units have the same range as when elite yet still fire at the normal rate but neither can do splash damage until elite. Just like with garrisoned units, infantry inside BFs can earn promotions from kills--but they still must be outside to receive upgrades from crates.
  14. Something that's so badly missing on here is a sticky thread for newer players. There had been one on Strike Team that helped me a great deal when it came to important fundamentals like scouting, build orders, tank control, etc. Can't someone start a sticky thread on here going over all that stuff? This way, we can give the URL to players to read over and help steer them in the right direction. This would also be a great way to help train players who know little to no English as they can copy and paste the text onto an online translate service.
  15. Since this has been broken since the game first came out, I'd like to address the need to improve algorithms for crates. So many times, we pick up crates that are redundant and/or outright unnecessary so I was hoping admins could make tweaks to improve their practicality. If it's possible, please let us know if any of these tweaks are possible to put in place when editing custom maps. -If the map is already revealed either from a crate or via spy sat, any other crates picked up afterwards will no longer be map reveal until the player loses radar or spy sat. -No heal if all units and buildings are at full health but increased chances if more and more units and/or buildings have health in the yellow or red -Increased chances for firepower upgrade but make it so that units like dogs, engineers and spies are no longer eligible for it since they don't benefit in any way -If it's not too far fetched, make it so that the upgrade crates are more balanced between each team... or each player in 1v1 or FFA. I've played far too many ToE games where the upgrades were so lopsided, it was such a cakewalk for the team that benefited. -If a player loses an MCV, they have an increased chance to receive a matching MCV from crates. Among other things, this helps to compensate for if a game wrecker deliberately wants to break no rush rules and destroy an opposing player's MCV in hopes of ruining the game.
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