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Installing Red Alert 2 wont work. Help please :)



hi all im new to this forum


i already play cnc games sinds 2000 and always loved them.

but now i have a problem since i installed windows 10 i cant play my cnc red alert 2 any more i tryed to reinstall the game but it wont let me.

as soon as i put in the cd i get the small windows wich asks u if u want to install read the cd or exit and the sound with the guy saying militairy software detected top secret etc.

then when i press install the window disappeares and nothing happens also when i check in my task management i cant c anything RA2 related.

also when i try to run the installer from the cd folder itself nothing happens. i already tryed to set it to win 89 mode and also try to run it as admin but this didnt fix anything i hope someone can assist me with this because i would love to play the game again and also want to join the online multiplayer community :)


i hope the specs in my discription are eneugh information sorry in advance for my broken english  :)


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on the forum of the link u mention the following :


1) Get XWIS' Red Alert 2 multiplayer distribution: http://xwis.net/down...Multiplayer.exe

2) Get XWIS' Yuri's Revenge multiplayer distribution: http://xwis.net/down...Multiplayer.exe

3) Install both.

4) From your RA2 Allied disc, copy multi.mix, theme.mix, maps01.mix and movies01.mix to your RA2 directory.

5) From your RA2 Soviet disc, copy maps02.mix and movies02.mix to your RA2 directory.

6) From your YR disc, copy multimd.mix, thememd.mix, maps03md.mix and mov03md.mix to your RA2 directory.

7) Download and apply the XWIS RA2 Windows 8/10 fix. You may use the WinXP SP3 compatibility mode instead of the Win7 one: http://xwis.net/foru...windows-10-fix/

8) Download and apply the XWIS YR Windows 8/10 fix. You may use the WinXP SP3 compatibility mode instead of the Win7 one: http://xwis.net/foru...windows-10-fix/

9) Configure your resolution in ra2.ini and ra2md.ini for RA2 and YR respectively.

10) Launch the games from game.exe and gamemd.exe. No disc required.


im now at step 9 but i dont know what to change the resolution to?

(i tryed to change it to 1920x1080)


when i try to start the game using the game file i get the following error (see attachment


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