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WChat bug


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Not sure if anyone can help with this, but I can't load WChat. it appears to have something to do with the initial window composition. Message Box error:


Title: "ObjectWindows Exception"

Message: "Create fail for window Launcher, 0, TSDIDecFrame"


Installed using the Westwood-Chat-4.221.exe installer that seems to be everywhere.


Running Windows 7 x64 - Not the issue, as pdse runs the same.

Running Dual monitors - Not the issue. Disabled one of them still fails.

Running from Program Files (x64) - Not the issue, moved it somewhere else.


Tested it in XP Mode. Works fine. Grabbed the registry key from XP Regedit and dumped it into my W7 WoW64 reg, Didn't work.



TSDIDecFrame, appears to be one of the standard window composition objects in Borland C++ Builder.

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Weird discovery: Launching WCHAT.DAT from windbg seems to allow the application to work fine.


Renaming WCHAT.DAT to WCHAT.EXE doesn't work giving message box


Title: "ObjectWindows Exception"

Message: "Create fail for window Westwood Chat, 0, HackWindow"

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