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Red Alert 1 Colours screw up



Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I would really love to play red alert 1 like I did back in the days.


So I got several questions/issues.


First will be that red alert 1 doesn't open properly unless I have nvida control window up. So every time I min the window, I cannot bring it back up. Is there any better way of opening ra1?


Second issue the colours are screwed up in game. Its playable, but I would like to play it as if it was made to (as the banner of this forum looks like). I can't really screen shot, it'll look even more messed.


Third, just wondering, whats the best way of playing red alert 1 online? I got all those files, before red alert 1 was free I had to use kali to play online but since its not free is there a way to play ra1, best possible way?


Comp specs

i5, windows 7, nvida 9800 GTX +

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1) You can open the window using Task Manager.


2) Open up the screen resolution window and then leave it open as you play.


3) Get the 3.03 patch, then use the online interface that is built into it.


I hope I answered all your questions.




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